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Earn Commissions referring customers from your website. By adding the NoseSecret link to your site, you can earn commission on purchases using these links. The program is free to join and online reporting makes it easy to track your links and earnings.

Earn flat 18% commission on every product sold through your affiliate links. Commission is paid out when you exceed $40 in merchandise sales for the month.
Commission is paid on return visits (up to 30 days after last visit from your site)

Joining our affiliate program is simple. We provide you with all of the tools you need to become an affiliate member, and we handle all the ordering, shipping, and billing processes. In addition, there is no charge to join our affiliate network. 
We`ve partnered with Affiliate Future to make it easy for you to be a affiliate.

HOW TO JOIN Simply fill out our online registration form. Then we will contact you once we have approved your site. If you have any questions about our program or would like more information, please e-mail us at

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Questions? See FAQ section below or email us at

1. What Product do you sell? 
2. Who can apply to NoseSecret affiliate program? 
3. How does the program work? 
4. How are we informed about discounts and specials? 
5. Can we customize NoseSecret banners on my web site? 
6. How do you track my commissions? 
7. How often do I receive payments? 
8. How can I modify my cohttp://nosesecret.mybigcommerce.comntact information? 
9. My website caters the Spanish-speaking audience. Do you have links and banners available in Spanish?

1. What Product do you sell?

We sell an innovative cosmetic product that corrects imperfections of the nose instantly without nose job, fillers, make up or a big budget. NoseSecret consists of a pair of smooth and comfortable splints that are temporarily placed in the nostrils to gently lift the tip of the nose resulting in a narrower and straighter look that enhances your facial features.

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2. Who can apply to NoseSecret Affiliate program?

NoseSecret welcome all potential NoseSecret affiliate applications. However we reserve the right to reject any application for any reason. 

NoseSecret will not accept affiliate applications from a web site that contain material that promote pornography, violence, explicit language, illegal activities or perform any kind of discrimination based on race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age.

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3. How does the program work?

It is simple and free! Sign up with AffiliateFuture or if you are already a member simply login with your Affiliate Future Account Information. Once you complete this easy step, select the type of links that you would like to place on your site and you are set to start generating sales.

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4. How are we informed about discounts and specials?

We send periodical emails to our affiliates to inform about new specials and promotions. However you may want to check the link inventory at AffiliateFuture for the latest creative with the most current offers

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5. Can we customize NoseSecret banners on our website?

NoseSecret strive to maintain the consistence of our images. If you would like a customize creative for your site, please, email us at to review your request and provide you with the right creative.

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6. How do you track commissions?

We have partnered with a trusted Affiliate Management network in and outside the United States, AffiliateFuture, to guarantee that your commissions are being tracked daily and paid on time!

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7. How often do we receive commission payments?

You will receive commission payments directly from Affiliate Future every month, as long as you meet the threshold of $40..

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8. How can we change the contact information?

Any changes on your contact information must be done in your AffiliateFuture account. Please, make sure that your contact information is up to date to receive your commission on time.

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9. My website caters the Spanish-speaking audience. Do you have links and banners available in Spanish?

Yes, since our site has English and Spanish language pages, we provide with a variety of text links and banners in Spanish.

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